Twentieth Century Fox Motion Picture Studios
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Project Overview

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Installation Type: SkyMount® and traditional mounting
Size: Phase 1-158 kilowatts
        Phase 2-230 kilowatts

Design and build a rooftop system for Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation at their Los Angeles, California headquarters to help offset electricity costs and advance the iconic motion picture company’s sustainability initiative. Twentieth Century Fox has a rich heritage in the motion picture industry and the site has been the genesis point for many of Hollywood’s best known films. The project would represent Fox’s second major investment in solar.
SPI designed, engineered and installed a 160 kW DC photovoltaic solar system at the Fox Studios lot located in Century City, California. The installation, utilized SPI’s innovative SkyMount® racking system which was blended with traditional racking on a standing seam barrel shaped roof to complement one of the building’s more prominent architectural features. The solar system, mounted on the roof of Fox’s historic Building 99, is part of the company’s Global Energy Initiative. The solar system marks Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’s first venture into on-site renewable energy.

The Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’s first system was successfully installed in 2011 and in 2012 SPI was engaged to design and install a second system adding an additional 230 kilowatts to the 158 kilowatts of on-site production capacity already in place.

The two systems play a prominent role in the iconic film company's sustainability initiative and also help to reduce operating costs at their Los Angeles, California motion picture studio and office complex.

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